What is Creative Brainstorming?

I offer objective listening and creative feedback for those in the early stages of any project. My goal is to support those in the exploratory phase of ideas and projects by creating an open and energetic space for those ideas and projects to develop to the next stage.

This could be useful for: new business ideas; metaphysical systems contemplation; book/novel development; research projects; or any topic where a non-judgmental, disinterested listener could serve one's needs.

Creative brainstorming is for the early stages of a project, and thus is not the same as executive coaching, which is more task-oriented for a project in a more developed stage. Confidentiality/non-disclosure is assured.


Free initial consultation: one-half to one hour in length.

$50 per hour / 4-hour minimum (minimum charge $200 for 4 hours of time, split up however you like). Payable at the end of each session time.

About Tad Hanna

I am a lifelong student of personal growth; metaphysics; Hindu, Sufi, and Buddhist spirituality; and body-based awareness practices. I have a degree in Cognitive Science from Brown University, and have worked in the fields of software, multi-media, science, law, advertising, and the graphic arts. I have participated in and taught peer counseling, and facilitated group practice of aware communication. I am also a writer, artist, and graphic designer.


Tad Hanna

Phone: 303-507-5809
Email: tad@tadhanna.com



Nine at the beginning means:
The footprints run cirsscross.
If one is seriously intent, no blame.

It is early morning and work begins. The mind has been closed to the outside world in sleep; now its connections with the world begin again. The traces of one's impressions run crisscross. Activity and haste prevail. It is important then to preserve inner composure and not allow oneself to be swept along by the bustle of life. If one is serious and composed, he can acquire the clarity of mind needed for coming to terms with the innumerable impressions that pour in. It is precisely at the beginning that serious concentration is important, because the beginning holds the seed of all that is to follow.

— from The I Ching: Book of Changes: Wilhelm/ Baynes. No. 30: "The Clinging, Fire"


I say unto you: One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.

— Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Sprach Zarathustra, Part I